Thomas R. Emery, CPA


Thomas R. Emery CPA, MBA joined the managerial ranks of RKO's South Portland office during the last week of November, 2004.  Tom attended USM for both his undergraduate accounting degree and his masters degree.  He was previously a principal in another Portland accounting firm  where he served as director of accounting services and was heavily involved in accounting and tax compliance. 

Tom brings with him a wide range of accounting and tax skills, many of which were acquired earlier in his career right here at RKO where he worked as a senior accountant.  While here, Tom was active in both audit and tax compliance.  He will be an integral member in the for-profit department of RKO, servicing the reporting and tax needs of businesses and individuals. 

In addition to his client duties, Tom has been the coordinator for his firm’s successful Peer Review efforts. 

Tom resides in North Yarmouth along with his wife Celeste and three children.